Music at your wedding is extremely important–it can make-or-break the party. We know that very well and we work hard to understand your vision. We mix selections that match your tastes into a great party that feels right and represents you. We read the crowd and keep the party rocking smooth and seamless. Whether you want to hear a mixture of everything, keep it classic, keep it esoteric or mainstream we can do that. We have an enormous library of new and old, and strive for the best sound quality and most versatility. We know the difference because we grew up playing on vinyl…hey if you want us to bring vinyl we can do that too. We are happy when everyone is dancing.

Play Something Good is the collaboration of two New York based veteran DJ’s who are also husband and wife. As individuals they have DJ-ed and produced original music and mixes and have thrown parties since the mid 90’s. They have played every kind of party. From the basements of Philly and DC, to the rooftops of Times Square in New York, to the deserts of California.

Check out some reviews from previous clients:

  • “Many of our wedding guests said that the music at our wedding was the best they had ever heard! Abby and Tom did a great job of listening to what we like and supplementing with songs and artists we didn’t think of. They read the crowd and we had an awesome dance party!! My husband and I like all types of music and we made a Google doc of songs we wanted to hear during dinner and during dancing and then we had a call with Abby a few weeks before the wedding and discussed. We really trusted them and with good reason, they know music and they are able to choose other songs based on your tastes. I highly highly recommend them!”


  • “Abby and Tom were awesome! They took the time to meet with us to get a good understanding of what my husband and I envisioned for our wedding. They had a lot of great recommendations too. Overall, they are the perfect combination of professionalism and fun. Our dance floor was packed from the beginning to the end!”

    TL Cooke

  • “Since music plays an important role in my life, I was fairly anxious about finding the right DJ for our wedding. Many of my friends were in bands through college and my best man has been a producer and casual DJ.

    My anxiety was compounded by the fact that our event was not in our native NY, but in Maine. I had nightmares of cheesy wedding DJs in tuxedo vests. Needless to say, finding a DJ that I could trust was high on my list of to do’s once we found a venue and set a date.

    After searching for a few weeks, I came across Abby and Tom in NY Magazine. After checking out their site and reading some reviews I was excited that they might be a fit. My only concern was figuring out if they were available. I sent a note and got a response within an hour or two from them and a sense of calm set in. We talked by phone and I emailed with a few of their references. Everyone sung their praises. When we met in person they were super great to work with.

    When it came to the wedding day, they couldn’t have been more professional. They worked with us to find the right mix of the music that worked for us AND our guests. Everyone danced way more than I would have thought and they knew how to read the crowd to keep things upbeat.

    We could not have been happier working with them and we’d highly recommend to anyone!”


  • “Play Something Amazing is what Abby and Tom do!

    We used them because our friends used them the summer before, at their wedding where everyone jumped up from their seats when the dancing started and did not sit down the whole reception. We hoped for the same thing. We got it. They trekked up the coast of Maine for our wedding. They played for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing and into the night.

    One of our friends, a musician, said to us after the wedding, “They played it perfectly. The energy just got higher and higher throughout the evening. I have never experienced that at a wedding.” (He has two brother in laws who were married in Maine who had DJ’s.)

    PS I am not a person who writes positive reviews. I am a negative reviewer only, but they have moved me away from my negative ways.”


  • “We made such a great decision when we chose Play Something Good to be the djs at our wedding. They were talented, were really interested in playing the music that we wanted, and were excellent at mixing songs.”


  • “Abby and Tom were terrific DJs that blended our unique (and diverse) musical tastes into a seemless playlist that provided the perfect background for our wedding, from the first dance through the dance party at the end. Highly recommended and were great to work with from the first day we contacted them.”


  • “Tom and Abby were the BEST. I am a dj myself, so it was difficult to find someone I trusted to DJ MY wedding, but Tom did a fantastic job. So glad we went with them. They were flexible and very helpful while we planned and kept the Indians and Jews on the dance floor together all night long. They are not your average wedding DJs! Highly recommended!”


  • “One comment we got all through the night and even today was, “Your DJ’s amazing!” The music selection was totally on point, reading the crowd perfectly. (And we had quite a diverse group.) The mixes were inventive and smooth. It was obvious to everyone that the DJ had many years of club experience. Play Something Good was one of the first vendors to show up at the venue and the last to leave. Our dance floor was packed until the very last minute. Some of our guests were DJ’s themselves and huge music fans, all of them were in awe of the selection, the style, the mixing and the ease with which it was all executed. Thank you for an awesome evening! Wish we could do it again!”

    Daria & Andreas

  • “Abby had a challenging job ahead of her for our wedding, all kinds of people from different backgrounds and ages, not to mention a wedding party filled with music connoisseurs. Once she got on the decks, it didn’t matter — tall, short, young, old or eight and half months pregnant — everyone got down, and Abby knew how to massage the ebb and flow of the night perfectly. She’s also a lot of fun to work with and the music was probably the least stressful part of the day — highly recommended!”

    Jesse & Sara

  • “Abby is the best! She creates a fun and exciting atmosphere at our annual fund-raising event. Somehow her musical choices keep all the guests of this inter-generational crowd happy. She is definitely part of the draw that brings them back year after year. She is also a delight for staff to work with – she is warm, responsive and flexible. I only wish I had more opportunities to work with Abby!”

    Susan Schewel, Executive Director Women’s Medical Fund

  • “Abby was very dedicated to making sure that she played music that we loved.  We had many conversations about the music and she did a great job at supplementing what we knew with her music.  Our wedding was almost 3 years ago and my friends and family still comment on how great the DJ was!, in fact, more than one guest has reached out to her to inquire about doing their weddings.  DJ Abby Klein was a true professional and kept the party going, even after the rain moved everyone inside and turned the party into a truly memorable dance party.”

    A. Bronstein

  • “Tom played a fantastic set for our wedding.  He kept everyone on the dance floor with a great mix of old and new, popular and slightly more underground songs.  Many of our guests came up to me to comment on how great the music was.  Before the event, he was reliable and professional in the planning and setup.  At the wedding, he was attentive to the crowd and creative in his mixing.  He is a talented DJ and created just the right atmosphere throughout the night.”


  • “Abby was recommended by a friend to DJ our wedding.  After interviewing a few different people, we decided on Abby and were super happy with our choice.  As any person who is planning or has planned a wedding knows, it can be a very hectic time with lots of decision-making.  From the beginning, Abby was very clear and concise with questions on song choices and timing to help us guide her in the right direction.  She was always quick to get back to us about any question or thought that we had.  On the day of our wedding, it was such a pleasure to not have to think about the music or set-up at all!  Everything went off without a hitch (except for us of course), and we had a great party, with appropriate and well-mixed music for entering, eating (first & last) dancing, and everything in between.”

    Andrew and Vanessa, 2010

  • “Tom is hands down the worlds greatest DJ. Brad and I both work in music and are extremely passionate about it so there was no one else we would have trusted other than Tom to DJ our wedding. So many of our guests, both young and old, made a point to tell us that it was by far the best music they have heard at a wedding let alone at any party. In fact we have had numerous requests for the play list. It doesn’t matter if you are a music aficionado or just a casual listener, Tom finds music that everyone loves to hear and dance to, spanning multiple decades and genres. He knows which songs make people happy and which songs will keep everyone on the dance floor. It was also so helpful to have a professional handling everything. He took care of coordinating every detail regarding what equipment was needed and how to get it, it was a relief to have someone trustworthy making sure everything was all set.”

    Laura, Vice President of Marketing Interscope

  • “Abby really listened to us and wanted to understand our tastes. On our wedding day we could really feel that her set was customized for us and included many esoteric songs that we asked for while still playing lots of great classics to bring everyone else onto the dance floor. She seemed to magically mix it all together and gave the whole night an amazing feeling of flow which we loved.”

    Lorrin and Daniel