If We Were Good at Tweeting

Over here we truly hope that you made it through Sandy unscathed. Before this week, what an amazing summer and fall season it has been. Only one rainy wedding since July, and that was under the most fabulous tent so it didn’t happen, right?If we had been good about Tweeting (which we are not) we would have tweeted from the following list of awesome venues in the past 60+ busy days!

Here are just a few:

The brand new Roundhouse at Beacon

where the staff is one of the friendliest we have ever worked with…this bride and groom had a ring toss and other games during their cocktail hour!
right on the water’s edge on a gorgeous fall day, and not too far from the fictional town of East Egg where the Great Gatsby was to have lived.
loading is tough here, but the setting is Old New York at it’s finest. Complete a winter wedding here would be especially nice!
The east terrace at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

need we point you in this direction, of this clip? It was THAT exhilarating to be there! WOW. Uunder the most beautiful tent, we had a unique view over the city and a crowd that danced voraciously through the night.
The Bronx Botanical Garden at the Garden Terrace

where the bride and her bridesmaids were professional dancers (the ballerina kind, folks) and didn’t stop! AND also at NYBG…
The Bronx Botanical Garden at the Stone Mill

Both are run with such efficiency and are so picturesque at any time of year.
Such a great spot for a big wedding, there is so much to do style-wise with this modern layout and the terrace views look out over all of downtown and the Hudson River. This couple loved hip hop and electronica so as the night went on we brought it!
The Prospect Park Picnic House

We loved the wedding we recently DJ-ed here. The fireplace was blazing and we busted out lots of oldies, country and indie rock for this one to suit the music tastes of the couple. Everyone raged through the night sans top 40 which was fun, too. Be sure your DJ isn’t one dimensional, people! Being steeped in music knowledge takes a lifetime, not an iTunes account!
Basilica Hudson

New and amazing, and BIG! It is a 19,000 square foot former glue factory situated in the coolest little upstate town of Hudson, New York. It is also a venue for bands–Grimes played there the night after this beautiful wedding!
Solé East in Montauk

We love Montauk, but we know everybody else does too. Solé East is secluded and has gorgeous gardens for cocktails and ceremonies.
We love this venue and have DJ-ed many weddings here. We also can offer lowered rates here since they have a complete DJ set-up already in-house! This gorgeous bride and her (now) husband had very different music tastes so it was important to bring it all together. Super fun night!
Collichio and Son

This very chic and recently redesigned restaurant accommodated every stage of this wedding from start to finish in its cozy and cavernous layout.

This is a new venue in Philadelphia, built in an old mill space and operated by the venerable caterers of Peachtree and Ward. What a treat especially for Abby to DJ in her hometown of Philly and get to play for a huge a diverse crowd including retired legends from the Philadelphia Eagles. This sweet couple celebrated the new and old music of their city all night.

This venue is uniquely situated underneath the 59th street bridge, and the structure is fascinating. This would also be a great venue for a larger wedding.
This lovely venue is a hidden gem with gorgeous gardens and a neo-gothic reception room, smack-dab in the middle of Chelsea!
Metropolitan Building

This classic venue and prop warehouse provides a whimsical backdrop for a wedding and we had the pleasure of DJ-ing several weddings here over the past few months.
Ever seen a show here? We were intrigued when we got booked to DJ here and though it’s a raucous venue at other times, it was lovely for a wedding. They even put the couples name up on their marqee outside where band names are usually featured and it looked pretty awesome.
The Green Building

This unique, post-industrial venue is a great palette from which to add final touches. The space also has a brand new soundsystem to deal with some tough accoustics. Coupled with our standard speakers, it sounds great in there now.
The Montauk Club in Park Slope
The Montauk club is a very historic private club which is open for weddings and is a gorgeous example of Venetian Gothic architecture from the Gilded Age of the late 1880’s.
The Hay Adams in Washington D.C.
This elegant venue is so directly close to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that we are pretty sure we saw Barack waving from a window. The challenge was to keep people dancing but stay within the parameters of the couples tastes – they love 1960’s garage, psych rock and vintage French pop–think Serge Gainsbourg. It was a blast and a lovely crowd.