Irish Spring

Please pardon our cheeky post title, but we are just feeling invigorated like those old soap commercials! We just kicked off the busy portion of the calendar year, the wedding season, with a beautiful wedding in Ireland. Destination weddings can present challenges in staffing, costs and logistics but this lovely couple pulled it off with ease and somehow got the sun to shine all day long. (The days before and after the wedding were dreary and drizzly!) The wedding was held at an historic Irish country castle and estate which is still in active use and is occupied by members of the original ancestral family, descended from high Celtic Kings. Complete with horse stables, ancient trees, and mythical flocks of crows, the place was steeped in history. It also had significant rock history- the Thompson Twins lived there for a time in the 80’s as well as a host of Irish and British bands seeking inspiration and recording space. The wedding was a huge success and guests danced all night long!
bmw Tom looks extremely calm next to our fancy upgraded rental BMW at the front of the main grand entrance but it took him a while to get used to the left-side driving on tiny, narrow roadways and roundabouts!

Too bad this place was 4 hours drive from where we were. That would have made for a pretty awesome excursion and photo op!


If you are planning a destination wedding and have concerns about how to make things come together, know that it can be done, beautifully, and we are always available to talk about the logistics no matter what you have in mind and no matter how far it may be.