New York Magazine – Winter 2012 Wedding Issue

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Tom “Doc Delay” Shiner and Abby Klein, Founders of Play Something Good

You guys are recently married. How does two D.J.’s living under one roof work?
Klein: We keep our record collections entirely separated. Tom alphabetizes his, and mine are in order by how much I listen to them. He’s very particular about their condition, but I’ll listen to mine while I cook. He freaks out when they’re in the kitchen.

Interview in The New Yorker by Sasha Frere-Jones

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Yesterday, a friend sent me a track called “Overbooked Ghost,” by Dr. Delay, a twenty-nine year-old producer, d.j., and record collector also known as Tom Shiner. He lives in Greenpoint and works at Good Records, on Third Street between Avenues A and B, a store that, if you are a vinyl nerd (guilty), you will have a hard time leaving.

Interview in Frank 151 by Ricky Powell

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I peeped their steeze as a double team at a party one night and I liked the selections they were serving up, and I said to myself, “Hmm, that’s an interesting pair.” I met up with them a couple of weeks later at La Taz’s on Eighth Ave.